The Trail

Visit the remaining Banksy pieces in Bristol.

A perfect way to spend a leisurely afternoon. Or make a whole day of it as there is so much more to see in the museum and at M Shed.

Easy navigation

  • See your location in relation to the trail. Find your way around easily.

  • The main trail shows the remaining Banksy pieces that are clearly visible. We have concentrated on the works around the Floating Harbour, Park Street, Stokes Croft and Montpelier.

  • There are some other Banksy pieces in Bristol that are faded and/or partially obscured. If you want to visit these you can click the 'Other' button on the map to see where they are.

  • Photos and description of every piece on the trail.

  • Dismaland location shown too, just in case you actually want to go to Weston-super-Mare!

Banksy articles

In addition to the trail, in-depth articles illustrated with photos.

  • Who is Banksy?

    We consider the question that the The Mail on Sunday just loves to keep asking.

  • Girl With A Burning Tyre

    Banksy's latest piece in Bristol (for now, Aug 2016!) painted in June 2016 as a 'thank-you' to the pupils at Bridge Farm Primary School after they renamed one of their school houses in his honour.

  • Banksy vs Bristol Museum

    Banksy's striking exhibition in Bristol Museum in 2009. Includes an interview with Kate Brindely, the then Director of Museums, Galleries and Archives who masterminded the exhibition alongside Banksy and his team.

  • Dismaland

    Split into four parts, this in-depth article gives you the background and takes you on a tour of Banksy's bemusement park in Weston-super-Mare in 2015. Described by Banksy himself as "The UK's most disappointing new visitor attraction" it featured exhibits by major British artists, music, sound, movement, satire, spoken word, light, radical politics, humour, food, entry-level anarchism, alcohol and more…

  • Mobile Lovers

    The fascinating story of the Banksy artwork that eventually sold for £403,000 safeguarding the future of Broad Plain Youth Club in Bristol.