Interactive Trail Map

Explore further. Discover more.

Easy navigation

  • See your location in relation to the trail.

  • Find your way around easily.

  • Tap a venue for a list of artists.

  • Tap an artist name for more information about their work.

  • Zoom in for a more detailed view.

The Artists

Find artists who are right up your street.

  • Simple intuitive search

    Know what you like?
    Enter terms like 'print', 'oil' or 'collage'.
    Know who you're looking for?
    Type in the artist name such as 'Sophie Willoughby' or 'Gail Mason'.
    Search by location or subject
    Enter the name of a street such as 'Gathorne' or 'Lime' to see all artists exhibiting on that street or search by venue such as 'Southville Centre' or 'Estate of the Arts'. Or search by subject matter like 'birds' or 'architecture'.

  • Artist Profiles

    Information about each artist with one or more photos of their work.